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We are a company focused on delivering exceptional Candy & Chocolate Buffets to our clients who wish to offer a different dimension to their next special event.

A candy buffet is the ideal center piece for any special occasion offering a visual impact to delight guests of all ages. Style isn't just about what you wear. It's also what you eat and how you display it. Today, sugar is the new chic as special events and occasions across Michigan are featuring the sweet array of the candy buffet.

Candy Buffet Displays

All our displays are designed to be visually stunning using quality glassware in various sizes and shapes to create focal points within the display. Each buffet is complimented with a 4’ round or 6’ rectangle white table, table covers and dish stands. Depending on your chosen package we offer many accessories to enhance your buffet. Example: Table runners, polished mirrors, silk flowers and so much more.

Sweet Selection

With over 1000's to choose from, we offer a comprehensive selection of sweets and chocolate which are chosen for quality, variety, size and color. Whether  On occasions we will use alternative sweets when a particular selection is unavailable.

An array of candy buffets

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